19: Rebooting Your Health - Part 2

19: Rebooting Your Health - Part 2

Aug 16, 2023


In part part of this two-part series on rebooting health, Subbu and Vikram talk about the importance of diet and nutrition for health, and share their methods for keeping calories under check, getting enough protein, foods to absolutely avoid, how to get back on track when our diets fall off the wagon, and how to deal with challenges and temptations that arise regarding foods in our day to day lives.


Subbu's diet and nutrition spreadsheet
Open Food Facts 


00:00 Intro
04:30 Setting diet and nutrition goals
10:10 Designing a practical diet you can follow
16:41 Learning intuitive eating
20:14 Protein, fat and fiber
34:50 Reasons to use a nutrition spreadsheet
39:00 Cutting sugar intake
41:15 Falling off the bandwagon
43:20 Enjoying cuisines
47:20 Supplementation
52:40 Outro

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