3: The Future of Education

3: The Future of Education

Nov 03, 2021

Should you be a helicopter parent and what are the signs of a good parent? Children are not playing enough! Are you expecting too much out of your school? Expensive school districts in US, how has COVID affected education? What are theĀ  four planes of child development? Effects of early education in children, how teachers shape the future of kids, and modern education in India.

In this episode, Vikram and Subu discuss the education choices they face as parents, reflect on their own experiences, and imagine a new and bright future.


03:42 Getting kids to the Ivory Tower
08:23 Manufacturing Graduates
10:41 Difficult Parenting Decisions
14:20 Lets be good parents
22:15 4 Planes of Child Development
25:59 The Lost Decade of Education
33:07 Good teachers shape futures
36:26 Getting bang for the education buck
40:31 Modern education in India
43:04 Post-Covid Education
47:41 Outro

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