4: Languages and Lost Stories

4: Languages and Lost Stories

Nov 18, 2021

Ever wondered what language you think in, or why you prefer subtitles in foreign films and anime? From Dostoevsky to Camus, what did we lose in book translations? Do you find yourself using multiple languages in the same sentence and will your children speak all the languages you do?

In this episode, Subu and Vikram explore the power of language in the emotions they convey, how we perceive them, and how it connects us to our past and the stories almost forgotten.


00:00 Still uncashed cheques
01:52 Snacks, done and dusted
04:05 How's your sex drive?
07:45 How Language affects Perception
12:34 Lost in Translation
15:35 What's the Good Word?
19:54 Reconnecting with our past
27:13 Talking to our polyglot families
31:42 The value of social interaction
36:47 Reliving Lost Stories
42:54 Outro

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