5: Starting Something New

5: Starting Something New

Dec 03, 2021

How do you start a new project and make it successful? Vikram and Subu discuss starting the Half Life Show, and how they navigated challenges as first-time podcasters. They also share their experiences with technical blogging and open source programming, while identifying their past mistakes, finding strategies to beat inertia, and brainstorming ideas to sustain and grow a new project into something successful.



00:03 Kissing the Rug
02:21 Narcissistic Creations
06:10 Starting a Podcast
11:15 1000 True Fans
13:46 Having a Consistent Workflow
19:27 Beating Inertia
24:37 Hidden Benefits of New Projects
28:59 Sustaining and Growing Projects
35:18 Outro

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