6: Four Light Bulbs

6: Four Light Bulbs

Dec 17, 2021

In this episode, Vikram and Subu discuss work-life balance using the analogy of four light bulbs. Vikram presents a holistic approach to defining the four light bulbs, and Subu describes how managing expectations and priorities within constraints has reduced anxiety and increased health and happiness.


00:00 Movie Nostalgia
02:25 The Four Light Bulbs Concept
06:48 Subu's four lightbulbs
09:00 Vikram's four lightbulbs
16:30 Calibrating your lightbulbs
23:00 Prioritizing whats important
27:09 The end of immortality
31:02 Renewed focus on health
35:20 Desired form of happiness
37:25 Outro


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